Department of Hydrogeology

Department of Hydrogeology


Hydrogeology is the science of groundwater and its interaction with rocks. In most parts of the world, groundwater is the quantitatively most important and qualitatively best drinking water resource. Hydrogeology deals with the occurrence, movement, quality, use and protection of groundwater. Our hydrogeological research includes observations, measurements and experiments in nature and in the laboratory as well as mathematical and numerical modelling. We cover the entire spectrum of groundwater research. Special focus is on karst and alpine hydrogeology, groundwater protection and management, marking & pumping tests, artificial intelligence & machine learning, groundwater & ecology as well as thermal groundwater use.


„Nitrat-Monitoring 4.0“- Konsortium bekommt 2,5 Mio. Euro Förderbescheid überreicht

On Thursday, 15 October, the official handover of the decision on the project Nitrate Monitoring 4.0 - Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Reduction of Nitrate in Groundwater took place in Karlsruhe. The decision, worth 2.5 million euros, was presented by the Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Rita Schwarzelühr-Sutter. Dr. Tanja Liesch was on site for KIT along with other representatives of politics and the project partners.

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Artificial intelligence as a solution

Andreas Wunsch and Dr. Andreas Abecker from Disy-Informationssysteme gave an interview to the Badische Neueste Nachrichten. Here they both talk about the goals and chances of the research project Nitrate Monitoring 4.0 - Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Reduction of Nitrate in Groundwater.

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Advanced training - tracer methods in hydrogeology

On October 15, the FH-DGGV advanced training course on tracer methods in hydrogeology will be held in cooperation with the Department of Hydrogeology of the KIT.

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"Are we facing a shortage of drinking water?"

Prof. Dr. Nico Goldscheider gave Radio-Bremen a live interview on the subject of water shortage.

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"Der tropfende Wasserhahn ist nicht so schlimm"

Prof. Dr. Nico Goldscheider gave an interview at Zeit Online, where he talks about the importance of groundwater in Germany.

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Adventure Vietnam

Under the title "Adventure Vietnam", the film about the KaWaTech Solutions project, among other things, will be broadcast on 4 June at 20:15 on Arte and on 28 June at 19:30 on ZDF.

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Global Groundwater Sustainability: A call to action

The statement is meant to raise awareness of the global importance of groundwater, encourage future international action-oriented initiatives and build momentum towards the 2022 UN World Water Day. Fellow scientists, practitioners and experts are invited to sign on their own behalf.
Pilot plant in Vietnam: Water for 10,000 people

Innovative Seo Ho Plant Inaugurated - KIT Develops Sustainable Technologies for Water Supply in Emerging and Developing Countries

Karst hydrogeology, speleology and the world karst map

Nico Goldscheider in an article about karst hydrogeology, speleology and the world karst map (WOKAM) in the science programme LOGO of NDR (from minute 17'35 to 20'05)

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Latest publications

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