Applied Geosciences at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

The consecutive Bachelor's/Master's program "Applied Geosciences", which was introduced in the winter semester 2006/07 and has replaced the former diploma programs in geology and mineralogy since then, imparts a broad and at the same time well-founded expert knowledge in the geoscientific disciplines of geology, mineralogy, petrology, deposit science, and geochemistry as well as hydrogeology, engineering geology, geothermal energy, and petrophysics. In addition, other neighbouring disciplines such as geophysics, geoinformatics and geodesy are integrated into the training. As this is a mathematical and scientific course of study, solid basics in mathematics, physics and chemistry are also taught in the first semesters. In the Master's programme, students have the opportunity to develop a profile in the fields of hydro-geology/engineering geology, geoenergy/georesources or mineralogy/geochemistry.

With the broad range of disciplines that impart their expert knowledge in lectures and exercises as well as in numerous laboratory practicals, field exercises, and excursions in Germany and abroad, we at KIT are in a position to train geoscientists who will later be able to work independently in scientific work and meet the high requirements in different professional fields in industry, public authorities, research, and teaching.

The consecutive Bachelor's/Master's program "Applied Geosciences" is accredited within the framework of KIT system accreditation (B. Sc., M. Sc.) and thus meets international standards.