Field devices

We have numerous field devices and probes for the determination of hydrological, physicochemical and microbiological parameters as well as for carrying out marking experiments and hydraulic tests:

Water level, pouring

Several cable light solders, some with conductivity and temperature detection

Numerous pressure probes (Diver) for continuous water level measurement

Vane probe


Flow measuring cells

Several flow cells for measuring physicochemical parameters in surface waters and springs



Multiparameter measuring instruments (WTW) for measuring pH, redox, oxygen, conductivity, temperature and turbidity

Online measuring instruments from SEBA for the measurement of pH, redox, oxygen, conductivity, temperature, nitrate and turbidity

Spectro::lyser probe (s::can Messtechnik GmbH) for online measurement of nitrate with high temporal resolution



6 field fluorimeters for the determination of fluorescence tracers (FL30, FL24) (see marking techniques).

Filter fluorometers (Trilogy, Turner Instruments) for on-site measurement of fluorescent dyes and CDOM


Automatic samplers

Automatic samplers (Teledyne Isco) with different volumes (up to 500 mL, up to 1000 mL)

freely programmable automatic sampler (Lambda Instruments GmbH) for smaller volumes (e.g. 50 mL)


Particles, turbidity

Turb 355 T/IR nephelometric turbidimeter (WTW)

3 Klotz abakus® mobil fluid for the determination of particle number and particle size distribution



Colilert® from Idexx for the quantification of E. coli

Enterolert® for the quantification of enterococci

3 incubators

3 UV lamps (Spectroline Model EA-160/FE)

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Field photometer and rapid test

pHoto Flex (WTW) for photometric on-site determination, e.g. of hydrogen carbonate and sulfate

photoLAB® 6600 UV-VIS spectrophotometer for recording spectra and for the determination of numerous water constituents

various quick tests, e.g. for the measurement of hydrogen carbonate

Radon, CO2, TDGP (total dissolved gas pressure)

Device for measuring radon, CO2 and the TDGP in water and air with data logger for continuous measurement and remote data transmission unit (M_58, TRMC-5, Tetraedre, Auvernier, Switzerland)



Various pumps (Grundfos) and other equipment for pumping tests

Climate stations

Neutron probes for determining the soil moisture content