Hydrochemical laboratory

Ion Chromatography

Ion chromatography system (Thermo Fisher Scientific, ICS-2100) with autosampler and eluent generator for the determination of main anions in ground and saline waters (e.g. bromide, chloride, nitrate, sulfate, phosphate)

Ion chromatography system (Thermo Fisher Scientific, ICS-1100) with autosampler for the determination of main cations (Li, Na, K, Mg, Ca, ammonium)


Spectrofluorimetry and -photometry

Two LS 55 and one LS 50 B (Perkin Elmer) for the determination of the fluorescent dyes uranine, eosine, sodium naphthionate, sulforhodamine B and G and Tinopal

UV/Vis two-beam spectrophotometer with peristaltic sipper (Perkin Elmer, Lambda 35)


Simultaneous measurement of absorption spectrum and fluorescence excitation-emission matrices (Horiba Scientific, Aqualog)


Elemental Analysis

TOC measuring instrument for the determination of TC/TOC/DOC/TIC/DIC/NPOC in water and solid samples (Fa. elementar, vario TOC cube)


Atomic absorption spectrometry

Flame AAS (Shimadzu, AA-7000) with autosampler and microsampling for the determination of main and transition elements


Automatic titration device

Determination of the m and p values of natural water (SI Analytics, TA20plus)


Sample preparation

Microwave laboratory system for digestions and extractions (CEM, MARS Xpress)

Centrifuges (Beckmann and ATR)

Ultra pure water system (ELGA, Purelab flex)

Ultrasonic baths and ultrasonic rod



ICP-MS with autosampler (Agilent Technologies, 7800 ICP-MS) for determination of main and trace elements