In teaching, we are mainly involved in the study course Applied Geosciences.

In the Bachelor's programme this includes the course Fundamentals of Hydrogeology (4 SWS) with an introduction to the entire thematic breadth of hydrogeology, which forms the basis for the more in-depth courses in the Master's programme. The bachelor programme is complemented by an internship of several days in the course Geological field exercises, in which students are introduced to basic hydrogeological field methods, as well as alternating excursions.

In the Master's course we offer our own profile together with the Department of Engineering Geology. Here, the basics are further deepened in the courses Applied and Regional Hydrogeology as well as Hydraulic Methods. Thematically, the profile is supplemented by modules in Karst and Isotopes, Groundwater Modelling and Terrain and Laboratory Methods.

In both the Bachelor and Master programmes we supervise numerous student research projects and final theses, mostly embedded in current research projects. In addition, we offer hydrogeological courses and theses for the study courses Geoecology, Water Science & Engineering and Geophysics.